We can stop throwing away our energy future

It’s such a waste to flush poo down the toilet. Everything we flush and throw away in our homes, industry and agriculture isn’t simply waste, it’s also a wasted opportunity.

Bioenergy is a form of renewable energy which is sourced from all organic material such as food waste, industrial waste and yes – even human waste.

It’s a relatively simple and cheap process to then convert that energy to light our homes, power our shops and even run our cars and trucks.

Every year Australians throw away thousands of tonnes of potential power in the form of bioenergy.

The energy in organic material originally comes from the sun.

Plants use photosynthesis to convert the sun’s energy, which is then trapped in the body of the plant or the animal which eats the plant.

This energy can be tapped into by using a variety of off-the-shelf technologies from simple high-efficiency burners that burn the biomass to create heat, to biodigesters and biofuel converters which create liquid fuels.

Bioenergy is well-placed to be the next frontier in the renewable energy revolution, especially for regional Australia.

Cowra in New South Wales is one of many communities across the country which is doing more with its waste.

The CLEAN Cowra project will take waste from farms, businesses and houses and convert this into clean energy.

This new industry will also strengthenlocal economiesby creating a new income stream for farms and businesses. What was once a burden to communities and businesses, could soon become a valuable asset.

Every community in Australia has waste, and much of this is an untapped resource for clean energy, providing income and building resilience in regional communities.

Tom Nockolds is a director of the Community Power Agency.

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