Short Takes

WITH the number of hoons that thunder past my house night after night, I think I’d welcome the Supercars as a quiet change.

Luke Robertson, WaratahI DO hope Newy gets the Supercars happening. Though I was wondering where the residents that live inside the track will get themselves or cars out on race day? Isolated. No thought. That’s my Newcastle soon.

Mick Porter, Raymond TerraceWITH all the misery in our troubled world it warmed my heart seeing Kurt Fearnley with his beautiful little boy Harry. There is still goodness and love to be had.

Daphne Hughes,KahibahTO Steve Barnett (Short Takes, 18/11): Whilst he derides people who have a desire to protect our society and resources from our ravenous generation, at the expense of future ones, he might like to contemplate on his way to the cricket that we probably should leave something for someone else. If native species are shot, fished and cleared, don’t be surprised that one day there is nothing left. I have heard that Fingal Bay has a really good circuit suitable for V8 Supercars.

Tony Lawler, NewcastleTOM Wallace is only partially right in his letter about the US presidential election (Letters, 18/11). Donald Trump did win the election. However he did not win the popular vote. In fact, the Republicans have only won the popular vote once since the year 2000. So by 2020 the Republicans will have ruled the US for 12 years, the Democrats for eight years in that period. But on the popular vote, the Democrats would have ruled for 16 years, that is if the election had been decided by a simple majority.

Jim Bell, MayfieldTODAY I became a prepper. Instead of five years, I renewed my automobile licence for one, and at half price thanks to a fine driving record. So if the Don does deliver on the dark distressful days of doom, and that time is nearer now, I save those fees for the ferryman when she gets me to the other side.

Dave Wilson, Bar BeachTHE POLLSIS the construction on the final link of the Newcastle Inner City bypass an inconvenience to you?

Yes 9.2%,No 90.8%IS Kalyn Ponga worth the rumoured $3.6 million over five years?

Yes, he’s the type of player the Knights need to recruit 41%, Time will tell 32%, No, he’s unproven 27%HOW do you feel about the NRL failing to find a Knights buyer?

Good, it shows they are rigorous 45%,Bad, it’s a vote of no confidence in the club 32%, I’ll wait and see 23%MESSAGEBOARDTHERE is a garage sale on Saturday, November 19, from 8.30am until 1pm at the Boolaroo Uniting Church. The sale will feature stalls of craft, cakes, white elephant, plants and books. Come along to Boolaroo Uniting Church Hall, 53 Main Road, Boolaroo.

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