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THE excellent article (‘Residents fight track’,Herald,16/11) did not mention the significant number of elderly residents of Newcastle East, many in social housing. Their hearing, breathing and stress levels will be threatened during days of loud racing. This is a genuine concern, not a NIMBY protest.

Patricia Turnbull, NewcastleCAN anyone provide actual statistics on how the benefits to the workforce and country overall outweigh the loss of jobs and financial security when globalised trade is allowed on goods that are plentifully in this country? And in so doing forces Australian businesses to close or plough their produce back into the ground. Taking into account not only the job losses but also the effect those losses have on communities.

Allan Earl,ThorntonTHE results of Newcastle’s worst toilet facility poll that featured in Thursday’s Herald(The Polls, 17/11)was close to the mark, but it left out two areas. I nominate the toilet blocks on the smaller suburban railway stations –they’re all locked up more securely than Fort Knox. As runner up, the toilets on the inter-urban carriages – if you can find them or even get access to them.

David Barrow,MerewetherTO Colin Atkins (Short Takes, 17/11): Iam off to Adelaide for the cricket. The light rail and well-planned road system as well as a reliable bus service should be the model for Newcastle. It’s time for Newcastle to come alive. Development and jobs is what Newy needs. I hope the power stays on during my visit, Imight pack some coal, just in case.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayI RECENTLY read an article about the American dentist who killed a lion called Cecil in Africa. It beats me why the hell they do this. They pay a lot of money just to kill and stand there smiling, gloating about what big men they are. They don’t care about the animal.Our animals will become extinct so the future generations will only seethem in zoos or on TV. How sad, our grandchildren will be denied what we take for granted.

Anne Edwards, Mayfield East THE POLLSWILL Sydney investors jump into Newcastle’s property market?

Yes 29.6%,No 7.9%,They already have 62.6%CAN Rory Kostjasyn stop the Knights’ losing streak?

Yes 50.4% No 49.6%HOW excited are you for the Bogey Hole to re-open?

Extremely excited 42.4%,Excited 22.2%,I guess I’m a little bit excited 21.1%,Not excited at all 10%,What is the Bogey Hole? 4.4%MESSAGEBOARDWINDALE Anglican Church is having a garage sale as a fundraiser this Saturday, November19, from8am. The church provides free morning teas, free lunches, outings, cheap clothing, social events and most especially friendship for those that are in need of it the most.The church supports the needier members of our community through a weekly drop in centre and op shop, open every Tuesday and Wednesday morningin the church hall, on the corner ofMerrigum StreetandBalemo Crescent, Windale.

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