Giving gifts to Bangladesh

Helping hand: Students from after-school care at Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School in Amaroo have been helping to make Christmas presents for children in Bangladesh. Photo: Andrew BrownAfter-school care students from Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School have been lending a hand to make sure disadvantaged children in Bangladesh receive Christmas presents this year.

For the past two weeks, students at the Camp Australia-run service at the Amaroo school have been helping to make book bags, book marks andfriendship bracelets.

They’re one of several services around the country that will be making the Christmas special for more than 7500 Bangladeshi children.

Year 2 student Oscar Orubuloye said making the items hadbeen a chance to help out those in other countries who are less fortunate.

“Their parents in Bangladesh can’t afford Christmas presents so we’re helping to make them for them,” he said. “The best part is that we’re helping other people.”

Kindergarten student Mary Buckley has also been helpingto make the book bags.

“We got some wool and then we got to plait it and we also did some finger knitting as well,” she said.

Kaylee Wandel

“They’ll be really happy when they see them because they don’t have much.”

Camp Australia co-ordinator Kaylee Wandel has been leading the students through the process.

She said making the gifts for the children overseas wasan important way for those in after-school care to learn about being a global citizen.

“The main thing is that we can teach the children that they are part of something bigger, and that Canberra is just a small part of Australia which is part of the rest of the world,” she said.

“It’s also about letting them know they have the power to change the world through the little actions that they do.”

The items will be sent off thisweek to Camp Australia where they will then be sent to regional communities in Bangladesh.

In previous years, the after-school care students had help to make similar presents for children in parts of Africa.

So far, the students have more than 40 bags as well as more than 100 bookmarks to send away toBangladesh.

“We’ve also set the students challenges to help make 50 friendship bracelets per day and we’ve been pumping them out,” Ms Wandel said.

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