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Pick up a tiny treasure in time for Christmas

Alex Marks with Renee Barton’s butterflies during the 2015 Tiny TreasuresChristmas Artists’ Sale. Discover original, handcrafted gifts for the festive season at the popular Tiny Treasures Christmas Artists’ Sale at Contemporary Arts Spaces Mandurah (CASM) from this Saturday.
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Now in its third year, the Tiny Treasures exhibition will showcase the works of more than 30 Peel artists with unique, small pieces of art available for immediate purchase, making an ideal Christmas gift or personal treat.

The artworks on display include ceramics by Carol Nicolson, Carol Clitheroe and Ashley Bowley, encaustic works by Helen Coleman, Beatea Kratt and Jennifer Sadler, jewellery by Cindy Wright, Brigitte Shenkles and Annette Ellerson, and paintings and mixed media prints by Paul Fleetham, Corrine Rapley and Belinda Joynes.

More than 200 pieces will be on display for sale including small scale sculpture, collage and illustration works, wall hangings, bookmarks, ceramic plant holders, and works on paper.

As artworks are sold, new stock will be put on display, allowing the exhibition to feature new works daily. Prices range from $4 gift cards up to $300 for 30x30cm original oil paintings.

During the exhibition, CASM studio artists Trev Blyth and Hilly Coufreur will open their studios and invite the public to view current artworks, discuss ideas and watch them in action. Blyth and Coufreur will have solo exhibitions at CASM during 2017.

This Sunday, CASM’s Workshop Space will feature the Random Palette artists group, which will demonstrate acrylic painting techniques and have original artworks for viewing and purchase.

The Tiny Treasures exhibition will be open from this Saturday to December 18.

CASM gallery hours are Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm, and EFTPOS facilities are available.

For more information call the gallery on 9550 3989 or go to 梧桐夜网artspacemandurah南京夜网419论坛

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Aphid resistance grows

SERIOUS PROBLEM: Resistance to neonicotinoid insecticides has been confirmed in Australian populations of green peach aphid for the first time. Photo: A WEEKS
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RESISTANCE to neonicotinoid insecticides has been confirmed in Australian populations of green peach aphid for the first time.

The discovery means that GPA is known to have resistance to four different chemical mode of action groups – synthetic pyrethroids, carbamates, organophosphates and neonics.

GPA is a widespread pest of canola and a range of pulse crops, causing damage by feeding and transmitting viruses, including Beet Western Yellows Virus, which decimated canola crops in parts of SA, Vic and NSW in 2014.

Resistance to neonics – commonly used in the grains industry in seed treatments – was recently confirmed by scientists involved in research undertaken on behalf of the GRDCand Horticulture Innovation Australia.

The work has been led by Melbourne-based scientific research organisation cesar, in collaboration with researchers at CSIRO.

According to cesar entomologist Paul Umina, resistance to neonics was confirmed in a number of GPA populations across Australia.

Aphid specimens taken from canola and vegetable crops tested positive for resistance.

Dr Umina says the discovery – while not unexpected – further limits the opportunities and options for control of GPA and underlines the need for sound management resistance strategies and integrated pest management practices to ensure long-term access to available chemistries.

“Our findings don’t mean that neonics are dead in the water; they are still a valuable tool,” he said.

“But the discovery does serve as a reminder that all chemicals are vulnerable to resistance development, particularly when dealing with a species like GPA which is known to have a high propensity to develop insecticide resistance.”

Dr Umina says Transform, a sulfoxaflor foliar insecticide, remains an effective means to control GPA in canola crops.

According to cesar senior consultant Siobhan de Little, resistance almost always evolved due to the over-reliance on a particular chemical leading to strong selection.

The discovery meantAustralia joinedfour other continents – North America, Asia, Europe and Africa – in having confirmed GPA resistance to neonics, she said.

Dr Umina encourages growers to continue to follow the GPA Resistance Management Strategy (grdc南京夜网419论坛/GPAResistanceStrategy), which aims to minimise the selection pressure for resistance in GPA.

This strategy was developed by the National Insecticide Resistance Management working group of the Grains Pest Advisory Committee –a GRDC-funded project which provides strategic advice to the GRDC on pest issues.

Dr Umina also urges growers to keep a close eye on next year’s canola crops as they establish.

“If aphids are seen surviving on young canola plants that have been treated with neonic insecticide seed treatments, growers are urged to contact cesar,” he said.

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Victims slam plan to move memorial

New memorial: Armidale Catholic Diocese Bishop Michael Kennedy will move ribbons from the town’s Catholic Cathedral and place them on a new memorial.A petition against relocatingLoud Fence ribbonsat the Armidale Catholic Cathedral is gaining momentum online.
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Sexual abuse victim and Loud Fence advocate, Phil Wright, started the petitionto protestBishop Michael Kennedy’s decision to relocate the ribbons from the front of the cathedralto within the church grounds.

“As a victim of sexual abuse through the Catholic Church in Armidale DioceseI am extremely offended and that is putting it as politely as I could ever put it,” Mr Wright said.

“He’s got no right to touch them.”

Bishop Michael Kennedy said the decision was made in response to some survivors of abuse who found the public display confronting.

“I’mvery sensitive to this issue and do understand their concerns,” he said.

LOUD FENCE: The ribbons tied to the Church’s front fence by survivors of child sex abuse. Photo: Breanna Chillingworth

Loud Fence spokeswoman Alison Armstrong said thesite of the new memorial was onthe same ground as the grave of a bishopwho was overseeing the diocese at the time of the abuses.

The royal commissionexposed then-Bishop HenryKennedy’sknowledge of what happenedin the diocese in relationto Armidale priest John Farrell.

“He was aware of complaints and was part of the concealment,” Ms Armstrong said.

“We’re talking about people who are really damaged and they see this as another layer of offence.

“[They see] removing the ribbons as another attempt to marginalise or silence them.”

Bishop Kennedy has defended the decision.

“It’s on the opposite side of the cathedral [to the bishop’s grave] and that was deliberately done out of sensitivity,” he said.

“I’m aware alsothat there is some concern that the site we’ve chosen is hidden butthat is not the case.

“The positioning is along the side the cathedral which is a heavy traffic area.”

Mr Wright urged that theaction was inappropriate when case study 44, regarding incidences of sexual abuse within the diocese, was still an open case before the Royal Commission.

“I spoke to the bishopfor about an hour and a half[about Farrell]on that same pathway they are putting the memorial on …it is so highly offensive to put it in the groundsbut to put it there is even worse,” Mr Wright said.

Bishop Kennedy said he hopedthememorial would be accepted by all.

“I and the Catholic Diocese of Armidale will never forget the horror victims have experienced and the lasting impact on their lives,” Mr Kennedy said.

The petition has received more than 300 signatures in 48 hours and aimsto reach a further 300 before beingpresentedto the Royal Commission, Cardinal George Pell, andPope Francis.

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Police issue Warne-ing

HOBART: Cricket legend Shane Warne filmed himself, fellow Australian Michael Slater and English cricketer Kevin Pietersen not wearing their seatbelts in Hobart.Cricketing bad boys Shane Warne and Kevin Pietersen are being investigated by police for not buckling up while driving in Hobart.
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Warne and England legend Pietersen were shown in a Facebook video not wearing belts in a moving van on Monday.

Former Australian Test opener Michael Slater was also seatbeltless.

Warne posted the video to his Facebook page.

Former Australian Test captain Mark Taylor and former Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy are also in the video, but both wereshown wearing belts.

During the video, Warne realises Slater and Pietersenaren’t buckledand urges them to, before revealing he is not wearing his seatbelt either.

“I can’t believe you don’t have your seatbelt on, Mick,” a rambunctious Pietersen says in the video.

On Thursday, Tasmania Police Acting Inspector Ian Mathewson said officers were reviewing the footage.

Kevin Pietersen in Shane Warne’s video. Picture: Facebook

“There is an investigation,” he said.

“I believe they will be (contacted) at some stage.

“They won’t be treated any different from any other individual that drives on Tasmanian roads, or who fail to wear a seatbelt on Tasmanian roads.”

Acting Inspector Mathewson said the video sent the wrong message to the public.

He said he was disappointed in the men and the fact the video was still on Facebook.

“It is disappointing for any vehicle occupant not to be wearing their seatbelt–but then, I suppose, it is even worse that it is these high-profile individuals who have failed to wear their seatbelts,” he said.

“I will admit, it does send the wrong message, given the campaign around Australia in regard to promoting the wearing of seatbelts.”

The penalty for not wearing a seatbelt in Tasmania is $300 and three demerit points, but Acting Inspector Mathewson said it could have been worse.

“The real penalty here is death or serious injury,” he said.

Cricket Australia was contacted for comment on Thursday, but did not respond.

The video was shared more than 200 times and was commented on more than 1200 times.

The footage comes following the launch of Tasmania Police’sSeatbelts Save Lives campaign late last month, aimed at greater awareness about the importance of the device’s use.

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Fears on patient waiting lists

LABOR has seized on figures that show Tasmania has the highest patient wait times for emergency department treatment, adding that it will worsen particularly as less beds become available during the Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment.
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Health Minister Michael Ferguson says an increasing number of emergency department presentations will be a persistent problem for the government.

But Health Minister Michael Ferguson has rejected the claim, saying that the government has planned for the same amount of beds to remain open for the duration of the project.

Ninety per cent of Tasmaniansadmitted to a public hospital emergency departmentstayed up to 19 hours and 24minutes, while the remaining10 per cent stayed evenlonger, an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report released on Thursday revealed.

The state statistic was the highest in the nation.

Opposition health spokeswoman Rebecca White said the latestfigures were worrying.

She said in addition, figures leaked toLabor Party indicated that 54 patients spent more than 24 hours in the Hobart emergency department in October –a 300 per cent increase on the same month last year.

She said on Thursday 16 patients were forced to wait for over 12 hours for a bed and another seven waiting over 20 hours.

“What’s most worrying is that these figures were compiled during a period when the hospital has access to flex beds,” Ms White said.

Mr Ferguson said thatpatients were waiting 45 hours in emergency department waiting rooms when he became minister in 2014 and that thegovernment was still working through emergency department management challenges.

“We’ve opened beds, we’ve employed more nurses and we’ve put more nurses in the permanent pool,” he said.

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Tasmanian branch nursing industrial officer Caroline Saint said waiting times causedstress fornurses andpatients and their loved ones.

“Without more beds, and appropriate staffing, waiting times are always going to be difficult to contain … It’s good to see that, despite increases in patientnumbers, the [admitted wait time] wait time did drop slightly [over a year],” Ms Saint said.

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